VisionTop Btech College in Bhubaneswar Odisha | KMBB B-Tech

To become one of the best small residential integrated technology campus in the state with a focus on hands-on learning by doing and strong emphasis on community development focused research and development.


To create a technical institution of academic excellence measured by faculty quality, academic output, quality of students, alumni achievement and satisfaction of all stakeholders backed up by appropriate infrastructure to help create a conducive atmosphere for teaching and learning; research and development; training; reflection and contemplation etc.
To evolve and adopt a unique project-based pedagogy through which all students from their first year itself will be oriented towards hands-on learning through pursuit of projects based on real life problems on the campus or the local community.
To attract quality students in appropriate numbers and cater to their needs so that their potential can be fully developed. Students will be trained to a high level of self-confidence in their knowledge and ability ensuring proper placement.